You need GRRRip to win races!

in progress!

 Let's see....
Purchasing a bike and gutting it for racing novice class.... $4-5K
Oh let's not forget leathers and helmet.... $600
Sears craftsman tool box and Rubbermaid bin for "spare parts" that will
undoubtedly be required at every race this year.... $300
Getting hit on the public road while riding your street bike... $ half
mill after medical bills
Turn 12 "mishap" on the 2nd lap....$200
Turn 12 "mishap" AGAIN on the very next lap.... another $200 and a
sanity check
Turn 9 dive with head fuzzies.... too bad you signed that waiver pal.
Having a friend/fan working in your company with Snag-it installed on
his PC and being a webmaster with evil thoughts running through his
head..... Priceless


Once again, many tanks to Steve B. for keeping the humor in our mishaps.

Disclaimer: The names and faces have been masked to protect the not so innocent.

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