Greater Rochester Road Racers in progress...

You need GRRRip to win races!


<----- That's me!  Now you know why I wear a helmet...





My name is Steven J. Parolin and I'm the proud owner (thanks to a friend) of this domain name and web site!


in progress!


I really wanted but some bald guys seem to own that...  So my friend found and decided to pitch the idea to me... "You need GRRRip to win races!" and I thought it was cool!  And I get to keep the mean sounding GRRR.  I haven't decided what to make out of the ip just yet though.  But he's right!  Without GRRRip, you  d u m p   and   s l i d e . . . . . .



Although this is a shot of me getting ready to hang it over in turn 6 up at NHIS, it was taken back in 2002. 




And here I am again just about apex I think?  But was 3 years ago and I don't have any other pictures to put up just yet...




Not only do I race on my home track in Loudon, NH.  I also take trips to Daytona Beach to see the hotties!  And yeah, while I'm there I race on the infamous Daytona Speedway!


I'd like to thank my buddy, Steve B for this great idea and start to a great site!

(even though I had no clue he was going to do this)

Oh and hey... check out my 2005 stats!





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