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2007 Season Comes to a Close

The 2007 season has come to a close with many positives and a negative.


Positive: John Vaughan #103, wraps up the 2007 Production Twins Amateur Championship !

John (AKA Jack) in his first season back after a 10+ year layoff returns to the LRRS

winning 5 of the 8 events and finishing with 104 points for the season, 27 points ahead

of the nearest competitor.


Positive: Mike Vaughan #198 sells his SV650 and picks up an EX500 and returns to racing for the

last 2 events of the year. We hope to see more of Mike in 2008.


Negative: Steve Parolin #784 crashes in practice on 8/31, brakes clavicle and is forced to

sit out the remainder of the season. See Pics and Clips for some X-rays and Steve's comments

about the incident.


Positive: Steve Parolin finish 9th in LWSS championship, while missing the last 3 events.

While Steve's SV650 is Super Sport spec, this was a class Steve had not intended to run

during the 2007 season, but welcomes the positive results and is considering making

this the class to focus on on 2008.


Questionable: With John winning the Amateur Production Twins Championship, he

will be moving up to the Expert class for 2008. We will see sibling rivalry drive Mike

and John to the Expert Championship reminiscent of the epic battles they had in the

90s aboard their FZR 400s ?


2007 Season Starts

John Vaughan Returns to the LRRS for the 2007 Season.

See him in action of the Pics and Clips page.

Welcome back John.

Stay tuned for Videos from this years Classic.



GRRRip welcomes Mike Vaughan former LW Production Class Champion to the team.

Mike returned to racing on 9/2 after a 10 year lay off and is rapidly getting back to

where he left off. Look for the 198 of Mike to be mixing it up with the fast guys next year.


Steve Parolin had fallen back to 7th in the STWN points, but a strong 5th place finish

on Saturday the 23rd has moved him back in to 6th in the points.

Click Here to see the Official Standings


Rider Don Allen has gone in to semi-retirement and has sold the 627 SV 650,

which he road to a 4th place finish in the Amateur STWN 2005 Championship.

Will Don be back next year ? We hope so.



Three weekends in to the season and its looking good in SuperTwins.

Rider Steve Parolin, 784 is currently tied for 2nd, yes, that's second in the championship standings.

Please note, you will need Adobe Acrobat to open these files.


Rider Don Allen, 627 is currently in 7th after 3 weekends

Click Here to see the Official Standings



Stay Tuned !

GRRRip team riders 784 and 627 have been busy preparing their bikes for

the first LRRS event, April 29th. Hope to see you there !


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